Our product is legal in all 50 states as it is classified as industrial hemp by the attorney general. As well it never spoils as honey is a natural preservative.



A New Generation of Healing

CBD therapy has proven effective for a number of conditions taking the place of many over the counter and prescription treatments without the side effects.

We harvest all of our honey and hemp only from local certified organic farms in the Willamette Valley in a true farm to table fashion.


It is our mission at CBD Stix to provide the highest quality medication to our patients along with the finest local raw honey available at an affordable price. We believe everyone deserves to benefit from the amazing healing powers of this blessed plant.

The CBD tincture we make to infuse our honey is processed through a closed loop co2 system to ensure there is no extract residue in your medication.


We are committed to providing an opportunity for our patients to escape the dependency of a vast array of pharmaceuticals. We are proud to provide a product that is helping open the door for the next generation of natural healing.